Access Control ESI Security Specialists

Do you need Access Control for your building?

Access control helps you keep track of who’s in and out of your premises. Perhaps you need different levels of access for various people.

  • Home help
  • Cleaners
  • Staff
  • Managers
  • Public access
  • Timed access for security of night shift workers

Your access control solution could include: gates, barriers and door entry systems. ESI install well designed systems allowing easy access for staff or members of the public to designated areas, whilst protecting other areas from intruders.

A typical installation might include:

  • Common areas for tenants
  • Restricted access out of hours
  • Designated occupants/visitors granted access through car park barrier
  • System linked to the building’s intruder alarm and CCTV

From offices to blocks of flats we install and maintain a variety of systems which range from a single door to networked multi-door installations. These can be controlled by codes, proximity cards & tags or biometric fingerprint readers.

Want to know more? Try our Access Control Buyers Guide  of Access Control FAQ or call us on 01663 719520 to see what we can do for you. Areas covered.