Monitored CCTV

When specifying security we look at your property in terms of layers.

1. Protect the building
2. Protect the grounds
3. Protect the perimeter
Protecting the building premises with an alarm comes first. ESI intruder alarms are specified and fitted by a dedicated team with a full maintenance plan offered to suit your premises.
The second line of defense is the outside area of the property which is protected by CCTV. Car parks and gardens offer area’s where intruders feel they can’t be seen. ESI’s assessment will help you to locate the blind spots and offer a protective 360 degree view with well considered CCTV positioning and 24/7 monitoring if required.
The final area to protect is the perimeter. Access control for gated properties and lighting will help to keep the property safe for you, your family or your colleagues and staff.

Monitored CCTV

View your CCTV anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or PC

Access your CCTV via internet connection from digital devices at work or when you’re out and about via smart phones or tablet.

Take control of your cameras, look around your property and review past events. Our systems search facilities make this very easy to use.

More options to make security highly effective and simple for you to access and use:

  • Cameras with infrared lighting remove the need for separate lighting.
  • DVR’s incorporating video analytics will differentiate between vehicles and people, and can track movement from one camera to the next.

Monitored CCTV

High specification CCTV technology is now available to all.

For extra peace of mind discuss ESI’s 24/7 monitored CCTV system.

ESI systems are specified to integrate with monitoring stations. When a protected layer is breached your monitoring station will issue a live audio warning (usually this is all that is needed to scare an intruder away). Should the intruder persist the police will be notified, reducing the overall risk of intrusion to your building premises.

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Monitored CCTV

What will the property look like with CCTV system installed?

When it comes to cameras and mountings, what suits an industrial site isn’t appropriate for your home. At Electronic Security Installations we will work closely with you to find a suitable solution.

“Recently a signal was received at 1am from a home in Cheshire. Two men were spotted in the back garden – an audio warning resulted in a rapid sprint over the back fence!”

Security camera installed by ESI

What about Privacy?

Rest assured if your system is unset then signals will not be sent to the monitoring station. We understand that your privacy is paramount. Want to find out more? Please fill in the contact form or call us free on 0800 082 5500 for a chat about your requirements.