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Fire Alarm

Electronic Security Installations Ltd has a range of electronic fire alarms to protect people and premises. Our fire alarms comply with BAFE SP203 and BS5839.

We are accredited by BAFE for the Design, Installation, Commissioning & Handover and Maintenance of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.

Your system is tailored to your organisation’s needs. We carry out a full site survey to identify the best solution for you. The system is then designed to suit your facilities today and in the future: allowing for expansion or changes to the alarm.

Fire Alarms need to be serviced twice a year. We offer fire alarm maintenance to comply with BS5839 part 1 (2013).


Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

  • Systems for all premises from doctors surgeries to schools and hospitals
  • Rapidly detect and warn of fire
  • Numerous detectors can be fitted on each zone
  • Different types of detector to suit your application – heat sensors, smoke sensors
  • Fire alarm can be connected to emergency lighting
  • We can add new panels onto your existing system as you grow
  • 24/7 Remote monitoring available – when triggered the alarm will alert keyholders and the fire brigade.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

  • State of the art, highly intelligent fire alarms
  • Delivers text read out of exact location e.g. smoke detector 17 managers office
  • Ideal for large buildings where a detector on a conventional zone may take some time to find

Addressable systems are commonly installed in: Hotels and Hospitals, large factories, warehousing, schools, nursing homes, complex offices and multifunctional buildings.

As well as giving an exact point of trigger various other options are available including:

  • Sounders on the same circuit
  • Cause & effect programming
  • Intelligent control of other equipment
  • Phased evacuation

Confused? Not sure what you need? Not sure what your obligations are?  have produced a Fire Alarm Buyers Guide. Click here for our  Fire Alarm FAQ Guide, or call us on 01663 719520 to arrange for a free, no obligation quote.